Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wordful Wednesdays

Oooh, I have a problem! I want to play along with Wordful Wednesdays, but I can't seem to pick just one. Does anyone else ever have this problem? See, I got my computer back this past weekend. And the problem there? Nothing. Except Super Ray also loaded everything from my fried lap top, so I have pictures I forgot I had! And, some of them were exciting discoveries. I'm going to contain it to four, today. This first one is actually my crazy co-workers. We lurved us some holiday spirit! At some point I figured that since they are the closest thing I have to family, why not a family Christmas picture? And yes, we wore those headbands all day!!!
This is my baby girl at my old house. This is still one of her favorite ways to sleep, except usually she gets her head on the pillow! Hey, what can I say. She likes to be warm!
I think this was back right after M&D came back from their first mission in Argentina. If I remember right, I met them in CA and then we drove to UT. One of my most favorite places to be at Christmas time is at Temple Square. It's a tradition that goes back to me being a kid, and it was wonderful to get there to visit again. See the band-aid on Mom's chin? That was the result of chin meets pavement! Ouch . . . I'd love to do the lights again . . .not so much the trip to the ED!And finally, New Years, 07/08. I wasn't going to go out, just have a quiet night at home, and Holly convinced me to come party with them. And you know what? I had the BEST TIME! I loved this pic! This year I'm going with friends to a local FD's dance, so it should be good times for all. What about you? Any exciting plans?

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Hootin' Anni said...

Love 'em all!!! What a hoot.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! My Wordful is posted. Hope you can drop by for a visit. Stay safe and sober, and enjoy tonight's celebration and seeing 2009 come to us with the hopes of a good year.

ZooKeeper said...

Happy New Year!
My dog, Takeo, (RIP) also loved to sleep under the covers! Then he'd get hot and start panting real loud so I would have to uncover his nose so I could sleep. Bazil doesn't sleep under the covers, though I wish he did, he just plops right on top and hogs them all!
J and I are going to Olive Garden for dinner and then to our local hangout for New Years. My sister bar-tends there for her second job and we get free shots that way! It should be fun, all the regulars should be there and that is always a good time.
I hope you have a lot of good safe fun tonight!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Great pics! Love the confetti on the tongue - that's a true friend!

Happy New Year! And thanks for sharing!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hey there. Thank you for stopping by!!! Love your pics. I wish we were in the same holiday spirit at work here but no such luck.

Happy New Year!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Fun pictures! Happy New Year!

We're snowed in, so our plans are all postphoned until tomorrow!

Lorina said...

Very fun pictures.. looks like a good time!

Happy New Year!