Friday, January 18, 2008


Howdy, y'all! I realize it's been a while since I posted, and I didn't think the week was that crazy, but I guess I thought wrong. Had a normal but busy week. Tuesday night, a local company here hosted the fire/EMS companies in the immediate response area, and they did a really nice job! It was just a nice dinner, and "thank you" for everything done. Pretty decent of them . . . and yummy food (thanks Landon!)
Wed. night, I made cookies. Y u m m y cookies. They're SOOO simple, but see, I had lost a bet with Stacey, so I had to make her some food. That girl can EAT, and yes, she's a perfect size 0. Doesn't that make you sick???? I'd hate her if she wasn't so darn cute! Anyway, I brought those in to work on Thursday, and she LOVED them! I haven't made anything yet she doesn't like, but I was still pleased that she appreciated them. I adore Stacey - I've never met anyone so cheerful, upbeat, friendly, and easy to get along with.

Thursday I woke up to big fluffy flakes of S N O W. Now, I love snow. It's gorgeous, peaceful, amazing stuff. When you are a kid!!! Don't get me wrong, I still love it as an adult, but it takes on a different aspect when you have to worry about scraping windshields, de-icing steps, getting to work. Getting to work isn't so much of a problem because Dave will get me and Cindy, but still. Now, for my western friends, get this: 5" of snow, calling for sleet/freezing rain, so we shut down the branches and everyone went home!!! Ain't that wild?? Love it though - I got home, and promptly grabbed Britney and headed to the river. She's like a kid when it comes to snow - loves running/rolling/shnuffling/eating it. She also loves for me to throw snowballs to jump after - catches them in her mouth and shakes them to nothing. It's so much fun to watch, and you realize that really, all is right in the world. The down side? Poor baby girl couldn't put any weight on her back leg last night! So, I gave her a double dose of pain meds, and she seems to be doing better today. Hopefully, I'll keep her calm this weekend and things will be back to normal.
I started a running program. Before Britney and I both blew out our knees, I was running 4 miles a day. So, I downloaded a running program, "Couch to 5k in 12 weeks", and let me tell ya - I'm LOVING it! It's so do-able. And, I'm back on my diet - no Dr Pepper, sniff sniff, but I'll be better off for it. GOT to get back into shape!
Ok, didn't mean to write a novel - I'm going to go kick back and relax! Three day weekend, baby! Gotta love those banker hours!