Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday Morning

Good morning! I think my ears have recovered (can you hear me now?). Speaking of which, funny off-side story. When I was in Argentina, my dad had ventured into the world of cell phones. You know, "I'll never have one of those things". Anyway. Mom and Dad don't watch TV, so they don't know the pop-culture things that are out there. He couldn't figure out why I found it hysterical that he was walking around, finger in one ear, phone to the other, saying, "Can you hear me NOW?" I couldn't help myself. Fast forward 3 years, and we're in Africa, at the Hluhluwe park. (Pronounced Shluh Shloo ee) We're looking for elephants we could see from a ridge. Uncle Jack was in the front passenger seat, Mom and Aunt Robin were in the next seat, me in the next row, and Dad in the back. I turn around, and there's Dad, on his CELL PHONE! Too funny. Amazing reception out there!! And, why is it I don't have any at my house? Guess maybe Glasgow is more remote than Africa? I snapped pic after pic of elephants, until my card was full. Whipped out my laptop, downloaded the pics, and was ready to go again! The guide said that was the first time he had ever seen someone with the laptop on! At least it worked, and I got GREAT shots!

Got up early this morning and put a roast in the crock pot. Now, I'm all about quick and easy (Beefy Onion Soup Mix, dried garlic), but this morning, decided to do it right. I used those yummy pearl onions, and then fresh garlic. Ya know, that stuff was fun to smash open and use! I don't have a garlic press, so I had to make do. A press, and an apple corer are the two things that I would really like to have in my kitchen! E. called last night. I mentioned that I had been on a cooking kick and was going to do a roast today, so he said that if they rain out of work, he may ride on up! Hmm, 2 hours just to have dinner? I hope he shows up at the banquet Saturday night. Either way, I know that'll be a good time, simply because Karey and Laurie are going to be there!!! Even without racing, I've had something to do EVERY weekend. Have I mentioned how much fun life is?