Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday Evening

Good evening, y'all! It was another normal day in my life. Things are good . . . real good. I had a card today from Drew. Ya know, I've said all along. The guy really knows how to just do the right thing, at the right time. Totally unexpected, and way appreciated. I've always envied that "easy" touch he has. He can get along with anyone, or at least make them believe it. Two of my favorite quotes come from him: Tact: The ability to make someone feel at home when you wish they were, and Diplomacy: the art of letting someone else have your way. Ain't those good? And SO true!! He's good at both of those.

Tonight is the great Hokie game. Not that I'm a big VT or UVA fan, but I like to see a good game so I imagine I'll tune in. I walked Britney tonight and let me tell ya: It's freakin' COLD out there! These tile floors don't hold heat really well!!

Had a good review at work today. That, plus the Olympian award that they told me about make for a fantastic year! You know, whenever I sit back and look at the good and bad in my life, I have to be grateful for all the good. 'Cause ya know what? Overall, I've got it GREAT. I love my life, love my dog, love my friends . . . what more could a girl want?