Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Howdy, y'all. This has been an awesome weekend! I went to dinner and a movie Fri night. Saw "Nat'l Treasure". Good, but not as good as the original. Saturday I got Britney shot (rabies!), and then worked at the track. More people than I expected, but far from a crowd. Then, (since my life is so normal) plans changed back, and I ended up at the David Allen Coe concert. Let me tell you - there were some drunk fools there! We had a blast though. Although, my ears are RINGING today! Eric is actually a decent dancer. I got to meet some of his friends, and they all assured me that he's on the up and up - no skeletons in the closet/secrets at home that I need to worry about - Works for me. You mean normal is still out there?? I stayed at the Ramada Inn, since they have a deal for Cattle Annie events. It just wasn't worth driving back across the mountain in the middle of the night. Got up, checked out, had breakfast, came home, walked the mutt, and now I get to be LAZY for the rest of the day!!! What are you into today?