Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ties that bind and pledges

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Board of Supervisors meeting for the proposal for the racetrack. First of all, it was amazing to see the support for them - around 150 people. The courtroom was PACKED! Several well-spoken people shared their opinion in favor of their operation. However. Over the past few years in the news there's been all this flack about the Pledge of Allegiance being said at various events. Ya know what? I'm all for "One nation, under God." And, saying it last night, in that crowded room, just . . . the funny part, though, was that there were all these race supporters. Afterwards, shouldn't SOMEONE have said, "Gentleman, start your engines"? It ended up being shorter, rather than longer, and we all went to dinner afterwards. Had a great time, but later ended up spending time with the Ramsey/Ruley clan at the ER. Which, got me to thinking. When I found out that my grandfather had passed away, I was at a party at K.'s house. I was so grateful to have someone there, right at that minute, that was able to just be there. I was glad to be able to return the favor, if only slightly last night. I kept K.'s kids for her Saturday night, and like I told her, I don't know who had more fun! I love kids - love being around them, near them. Maybe because I've not grown up yet, maybe because it hits the snooze alarm on my own mythological biological clock, but keeping her kids is one of the highlights of things that I get to do.

When it comes from friendship, I've seen people who days into knowing someone, consider them "best" friends. I don't think that's possible, and here's why. Friendship is like rope. You slowly add fibers. Birthday parties, funerals, tragedies, celebrations. Finding that perfect dress for the perfect date, plotting revenge, consoling over boys and bad haircuts, having that person that you just HAVE to call because there is no WAY they are going to believe this, that's what friendships are forged from. Every time there's a happening (snow tubing this Saturday!) adds another string to the rope and makes it that much stronger. When the REALLY bad things happen, those ropes are the ones that catch you. My net is spectacular - I couldn't ask for better, more amazing friends.