Sunday, January 13, 2008


Good MORNING, beautiful people! (I have a client that always says that when he comes in the door and I LOVE it). It's been a quiet morning around here (sorry A-darn, I was sleeping!), and I just took the fresh, made from scratch biscuits out of the oven. That's right, home cookin' baby! Last night was the banquet for the NBS. It was a GREAT time! Good food, good awards, and an awesome band! I realized that a bunch of drunks aren't NEARLY as fun when you're not one drinking! Some of those people were just downright idiots. Oh, yeah, go ahead and light the helium filled balloons on fire - I'm sure that'll turn out just fine! Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and just blew out the candles. The band rocked, and we had SO much fun dancing. I helped them set up on Friday night, and then again on Saturday with running errands and blowing up balloons. 200 balloons. That's a lotta hot air! And, no, I didn't do the inflating!!! Grrr. Got home about 1a, so I snoozed in a bit this morning. Now, I've got to get in gear, walk the mutt, and do some laundry!!! One of those necessary evils for the work week.