Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fragments

Happy Weekend, everyone! Guess what? I am now one week closer to my beach trip! Geez, y'all are going to be so sick and tired of hearing about it by the time it gets here . . . . but I'm not gonna apologize. It's my blog!!

Anyway, since it IS Friday, after all, that means it's time for Friday Fragments. Go here for the rules, but I'm sure you get the idea.

This past weekend was the Annual Motorcycle at the Natural Bridge Dragstrip. I have nothing against bikes, have even enjoyed a ride on one, once, but a lot of these guys . . . more money than sense. Anyway, this year they had the bikini contest. Let's just say, there's not enough money for me to get up and do that . . . and those girls did it for a measly $200. Come on ladies, have some self esteem!! You're worth WAY more than that!

I also got to announce for the Natural Bridge Speedway Saturday, and I had a blast! I was really worried I'd say something bad wrong, but I only had minor issues. Nice to get to do something out of the ordinary now and then . . .

Sunday I went to a baby shower for my friend's step-daughter. The SD brought her pet bunny to the shower. Is that weird to anyone else other than me?

Britney decided this week she is done with having her undercoat. How is it possible for one mutt to shed so many small furry mammals???

Mom and Dad visited this week. I introduced them to the Wii Fit. It was awesome.

Survey of the week: Toilet paper. Should it go over, or under the roll? I'm one of those that's just happy to find it present!

While in Richmond with M&D, I was attempting to surf on his laptop. All my favorite sites, including my own blog, were blocked by his K9 software. I learned that I do NOT do well when suddenly unhooked from data!

I've been eligible for an upgrade on my cell for a while. I decided to hold off, because there wasn't really anything out there I was loving. Then, I saw the Env Touch. Ooooh. I've loved my Voyager, but it's pretty scratched up. Imagine my pleasure at finding that I could upgrade for FREE yesterday! The Touch came today, and I am madly in love.

Last night we had a squad call for a wreck. It was pouring down rain. I figured not many people would want to go out in the toad strangler, so I went. I got soaked running from my car to the unit. While enroute, the FD informed us, no injuries. So, we had to go, get refusals from 4 people, in the rain, then come back. On our way, we had another wreck to attend to, and during that, I managed to drop my phone and it slid under the console in the new truck. Removal of many screws later, and after contorting myself into strange positions, I was able to retrieve said phone. And I still had the uber-hot look of a drowned rat.

Now, I'm going to go get some sleep. It's been lacking this week. Won't you come play with us?


Mrs4444 said...

You sure are a fun person, Sheri. You get out there every day and enjoy all that life has to offer. Good for you!

As for the TP, Mark likes it from under, so that's how I do it, but really, I could care less. And yes, I agree that taking a rabbit to a shower is lunacy. :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

OMG...Survey of the week: Toilet paper. Should it go over, or under the roll?

This question reminded me of a guy I first met when Internet dating.

All he said was 'Over or Under'.

Having never been asked this question, I was like excuse me? For a moment, I thought it was a question with sexual undertones.

I'm with you. Don't really care, just want it there.