Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday . . . again

But, only 4 more to get through until my beach trip. See, I break things down into manageable time frames to get through. So, 4 more Mondays. 2 more paychecks. This is doable. I am so freaking excited it's not even funny. And no way I want to admit how excited I am. I mean, that's not cool, right? Girls are supposed to be aloof, eh, whatever. I'm so sick of playing by the rules. You know, don't be too interested, don't say what you're really thinking, play coy, don't be too excited. Forget that! I am excited, I've said how I feel, I've been open about what I want, and daggnab it, I'm almost giddy. So there, rule book.

Let's see. How was my weekend? Well, since my washing machine is on the fritz, myself and 80 quarters made our way to the laundromat. At least I can do all the loads at once and be done in just over an hour, right? Well, yeah. Not so much. The high efficiency washers? Not so efficient when the idiot before me used too much soap. Directions people, follow them. I had to wash my clothes 3 seperate times. Because I had to wash them 3 times, I had to get more quarters. By the time I got back from the fabulous Grocery Express, the people before me who washed 4 loads managed to turn 4 loads into 15 dryers worth. So I waited. And waited. And, 4 hours after going down to do laundry, I finally got everything dry but the towels. Stupid laundry.

I had an observance last week. I've gotten into the bad habit of driving with my knees. Save the preaching, I know it's a horrible idea . . . right up there with eating yogurt, while applying make up, brushing my teeth, and texting. Yes, I've tried various combinations of the previous and know how crazy it is. Yes, Dad, I'll stop. When I was a child, I remember seeing my Dad driving with his knees. He told me then that "When you've been driving as long as I have, then you can drive with your knees, too." I think I've now been driving as long as he had been at that point. The problem? Now Dad's been driving longer and realizes how crazy it is to do something like that, and now, not so happy about me driving without hands on the steering wheel. There's a lesson in there somewhere . . .

I've been trying to help Msh come up with some inspirations/heart string pulling quotes, and music to go along with them. So, now I'm listening to Josh Groban. That music, it's good for the soul. Do you have any quotes or musical suggestions? Any help is appreciated . . .