Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordful Wednesday's

Wordful Wednesday's is for those of us who can't shut up about a picture. I didn't really have one this week . . . this morning.
Ok. So, remember me talking about how I really wanted to go to the beach and see Kenny Chesney with my friends? And that I can't go because work won't let me have the time off? I've been really bummed about it, and was trying to act like it was no big deal, I'd catch the next trip. But, it's been a big deal, and I've really been trying to be ok about it. They left today. I stayed at work. About an hour after they left, these show up.

Sorry it's blurry - I'm still getting used to the new phone camera, and I might have been just a bit teary eyed as I was taking it. See that note? It's from L & K, "Wish you were here". Wow. That made everything better. Not better like me being able to be there, but that they would think that much to do it. See, I knew how disappointed I was that I couldn't go, but for it to be that disappointing to them as well? There's this little Sally Fields part in me going, "They like me! They really like me!" Isn't that dorky? But, it made for an awesome Wednesday!

Come play with us . . .


Susan said...

Right there proves that you have some pretty great friends!

Mrs4444 said...

Those are GORGEOUS!! Wow.