Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Short Rant

So, here's my short quick rant for the night.

Why is it that the part in Driver's Ed about "Yield the right of way to emergency traffic" is so freaking hard to understand?!?!? I mean, seriously. Stop, pull to the right, get out of the way. However, please use some common sense and do NOT stop at the top of a hill or in a curve where we can't see around you! Ugh!

The ironic thing? I have more people who pull out of the way when I'm NOT running red lights than when I am!!! What's up with that???

What about you? Do you always yield the right of way?


Little Ms Blogger said...

I do, but I think most people haven't forgotten this rule or were asleep in Driver's Ed when mentioned.

I also love the people that follow the ambulance so they too can zip through traffic.

Susan said...

I yield...when I can, lots of curves and hills in my area, sometimes you don't see the flashy lights until they are right up on you.

Mrs4444 said...

Always. Always. Always. (Bunch of idiots!)