Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordful Wednesday's

I haven't played in a while, but that might have something to do with the fact that I haven't had time to TAKE pictures yet. But, since M&D left last week, I'm slowly getting my life back to me.

This first picture is of M&D, followed by me, Mom and Dad. One thing I realize as I go through old photos, is someone is always missing! It's one of the reasons I love the "Hold your arm out and hope you're not cutting anyone's head off" pose. These were taken at the overlook going to Richmond. Beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains . . .

Then, of course, there's the random things you see while you're out and about. For some reason, I got a kick out of this license plate. I love it when you can just tell that someone has as great sense of humor!

Then, of course, is this last one. I think my parents had played with a Wii before at a church function, but they had never tried the Wii Fit. After creating profiles, they got to give that a whirl . . . here's Mom.

All in all, a whirlwind 2 day visit . . . and it was awesome!!!

Come play with us . . . .


Nina said...

I love the hold the camera out and snap the pic photos. Especially with digital camera's, so easy to check it.

Sounds like you had a very lovely time with your parents.

Brenda said...

Great times, I love the fact that people of all ages use the wii.