Monday, March 17, 2008

Back at It

It was an interesting weekend. Friday night was uneventful, and I headed to the Drag Strip on Saturday. We've got some new people up there that I started training for this summer. It'll be . . . . interesting. I am definately going to miss the rails though. Those are some QUICK cars! When I first started, D. would try to have some friendly wagers on the race, and I wouldn't do it. I've now learned something about the different cars and drivers, and now know that looks aren't everything. It's all about consistency and knowing your vehicle. I went from that to the pageant that L. was participating in. She was ADORABLE! K. was right - the dress she had was just perfect for her, and was the only one like it in the entire pageant. L. got 2nd runner up and best personality. It's so much fun to watch and interact with her. She's so precocious, but lovable at the same time. Some of the girls were just eerie to watch though - kind of like a "Night of the Living Dolls". Way over-processed! One girl walked by that I thought was really beautiful - figured she was in the teen division. No, she was ten. TEN! That's just crazy! And, when I heard the girls talking about much they had paid for their dresses?!?!? Yeah, if I ever have kids, and girls in particular, if I get to talking about pageants, please knock me up-side my head! Yesterday I was pretty lazy - enjoyed walking Britney and just having some down time. Today it's back to work. K. mentioned maybe going to Roanoke one night this week, so hopefully I can get some bones for Britney. That's one thing I definately don't want to run out of.

Oh, and a friend of mine mentioned he might be able to hook me up with some mulch. Here's where me and measurements part way. I thought maybe a trailer load would do it. Eh, not so much. After measuring said flower bed, it's 5'x25', and in some places, needs almost a foot of mulch to make it level! Sounds to me like I'm going to be needing a truck load! But, I bought some bulbs and flower seeds, so I'm hoping to get it looking good again. Have I mentioned how much I love spring flowers?

"Tranquilizers work only if you follow the advice on the bottle--keep away from children."-Phyllis Diller