Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend and Drag Racing 101

Good morning! And, it is a GORGEOUS day out there! In fact, since I'm going to have OT this week, I get to leave at 2 today! Won't that make the puppy happy. I'm really looking forward to opening the house up, running with Britney, and just enjoying this spring day. This weekend was fairly tame. I cleaned house Friday night, and then worked at the track on Saturday.

For those of you NOT familiar with Drag Racing, and that must mean you're not from Rockbridge County, but it's two cars, racing side by side, down a track. There's what they call the "Christmas" tree, and for you novices, let me explain the basics. Only the basics, because that's about all I understand. Cars "stage" at the line. Saturday, people were driving me NUTS with this. We have courtesy staging. Basically, you turn on the top lights, the 0ther guy turns on his, and then you each turn on your next set, within 10 seconds. Then, the lights come down, it turns green, and ideally, you react within .500 of a second. The basics. Saturday, there were LOTS of new people there. I have no problem with new people, it's great for business. BUT. If it's your first time, watch. Ask. Get a feel for what needs to happen to race. You'd think that standing there, watching guys race straight down a track can be awfully boring, but once you realize that races are won or lost by mere hundredths of a second, it can get pretty intense. I espescially enjoy watching the Saturday racers, the ones that put a lot of time and effort into building and tweaking their cars.

This week is shaping up to be yet another ordinary week, with some training thrown in for good measure. Saturday is the race, and then maybe, I can get in on a girls night out going to see the Worx. Fun times, hopefully!

"If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it." -Jonathan Winters