Thursday, March 6, 2008


I'm sitting here waiting on Tasha to get here - we have to go to Bridgewater for training today. I think it'll be good training, I just hate having to drive to get there! At least it's not Winchester. Sometimes I really miss our old region being in Lynchburg! I should never have complained.

Last night I stayed home. Watched some American Idol. I have to say that right now, Brooke is an early favorite, but since I like her, that means she'll be going home soon. It's sad that I can't remember any of their names yet. Maybe I'll do better when they get to the top 12. Now, I did like the guy that sang "I drove all night", and rocked out version of Lionel Richie's song, but no real stars are shining for me yet. I also watched Big Brother. This season just isn't up to par with what we've had in the past. Yawn. Snooze. I click through a lot of it. (Have I mentioned how much I love my DVR?!?) I was supposed to be going to see the Worx this weekend, but I think those plans have kind of fallen through. I was reading comments about "Have gas prices changed the way you live?" and initially, I thought not much. But, when I stop and think about it, when it costs $30+ to fill my tank that used to be about $20, that can make a difference. I don't have a problem with paying what it costs for something, but it really bothers me to know that oil companies are posting near triple digit profit numbers. Isn't that price gouging??? Enough of a soap opera. Tasha just got here, so I've got to get!