Friday, March 14, 2008

Finally Friday

The only downside is that it's my late week, so I do have to work until 6. Now, please understand that I'm REALLY not complaining. For as long as I can remember, I've worked two, and usually three jobs. I remember working third shift at an axle plant, washing up in the break room, and going to a first shift job and working that til three. I'd hit the tanning bed on the way home to pretend like I've had a summer, and then sleep 'til time to go back to the plant. Not a fun way to spend the summer, but it's hard to spend money that way, and I managed to pay for a year of school. I think that's part of why it's so hard for me to just sit and relax. I like to be on the go, doing things.

I talk about Britney on here, but realized I haven't put a pic of her up recently. This was taken at my old house on McCulloch Street, and this was one of her favorite positions, to just lay back and watch. I have to say that at my new house, she's a quieter dog. No kids or cats in the street and yard to back at, and that suits me just fine. Now, if she barks, it's usually for a good reason. She's doing so much better now that the weather is getting warmer. Her knee only seems to bother her in the late evenings or first thing in the morning when it's a bit stiff. It's a good thing, 'cause I sure don't like to see her hurting. The vet wanted her to lose weight, and I think she's even a bit below where he wanted her. Less weight=fewer joint problems!

Nothing really exciting for this weekend. If it rains tomorrow, as it looks like it will, that means no racing, and I'll just go watch L. I'm hoping Sunday will be a pretty day and maybe I can just enjoy it. We'll have to see how it goes!

"We give dogs the time we can spare, space we can share, and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made." -M. Acklam