Monday, March 24, 2008

Cooking and Carrots

Good morning - this weekend K. invited me to crash her Easter dinner. More on why I was late a bit later, but she told me to bring a dish. She was doing mashed taters, turkey, ham, green beans, salad, Eclair cake, and other stuff. What on earth was I supposed to bring? So, I decided the heck with a balanced meal, my family always had Nay's Potatoes. Now, for you Southern people, this translates to Funeral Potatoes or Hash Brown Casserole. Anyway, Stacey loves HBC, so I made extra for her today. Pioneer Woman had a recipie for Carrot Cake, and I decided to give that a go as well. Well. Got the cake made, and after it cooled, put the icing on. Now, if Britney is really well behaved, she gets to lick the bowl. Hey, don't you let your kids? Anyway, but if you look at this picture, right above her left eyebrow are remnants of the Cream Cheese Icing. Puppy had her whole head buried in that bowl! Too funny. But, both the casserole and the cake turned out delicious, and the girls are enjoying the remnants today at work. Dinner at Karey's? Oh my Wooooooorrrrddd, good. But, it always is! We then watched "Enchanted", and played Easter Bunny. It was nice to get away from my world for a while.

And, here's why I was late for dinner. We got called out for a wreck on the interstate with confirmed entrapment. I got to the building, and Mike let me know he was already on the interstate, and to bring 32. First of all, I couldn't get 32 to GO. I mean, release the brake, put it in drive, and you go, right? Eh, not so much. But, Mickey helped and it was all good. I think we ended up onscene about 2 hours as we worked to get the driver out. Interesting predicament, and Roger and Mike did a heck of a job, along with Craig and Patricia, et al. Hot as heck up in that cab as they worked! Still, it made for an interesting day - not something that you see all the time. Complicated extrication, LifeGuard, pretty day, not your average Sunday, that's for sure!

"If it's a good idea . . . go ahead and do it. It is much easier to apologize than it is to get permission."-Gracy Murray Hopper