Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Friends are AWESOME!

I love my friends. A. called yesterday and wanted to know what I was doing last night. Told him I had a meeting for work. "After that?" Uhhh . . . "Car is in front of my house, go get it, come to Roanoke. I have an extra ticket for Kid Rock." So, after my meeting, I flew home, changed clothes, let the dog out, and flew on to Roanoke. Got there just in time (I missed his first song. Our seats initally were good. I mean, come on. Free ticket? What am I going to complain about? At intermission, we went down to visit with a couple of friends of his, and when they started back up, no one asked us to leave! So, the rest of the concert was spent with a view like the one pictured. Yeah, it didn't suck. :-) See? This is one of the great things about being single. You get to up and take off to do things like this! Of course, I'm realizing this morning that I'm not 21 anymore, and to get home at midnight and be back up at 5:30 isn't as easy as it used to be, but let me tell ya: It was WELL worth it!!!