Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birthday's and Schtuff

Good morning, beautiful people! (and, hi, Stacey!) Yes, yesterday was my birthday, and THANK YOU to everyone who posted comments. I really do appreciate it! As you can see, I got flowers yesterday. The first bunch, I have no idea who they came from! The card just said, "Happy Birthday Sunshine!" The second bunch came with "No Signature Requested", but then my co-workers 'fessed up that they were from them. I love wildflowers and spring time, so both bouquets were dead on! Although, C. said that if someone is referring to me as "Sunshine" they don't know me that well! Anyway, yesterday afternoon was pretty calm and uneventful. Mom and Dad sent me "Cars", said that anyone that worked at a race track should see it, so I started watching that as well. My friends kept asking what I wanted to do, but I explained that as little as I get to see them, I just wanted us to all go to dinner together as a big group - K. and family, Msh and H., D., A. and S. and lots of others - and just have a really great time, so once we can get schedules worked out, that'll be the celebration time. I'm working open to close today, tomorrow, and Friday, but even then, it's bankers hours so no complaining, right? And, if you've gotten this far in this post, make sure you check out my survey and let me know what you think! Make it a spectacular day . . .