Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Off I go!

Just realized it's been a few days since I posted. Happy April Fool's day! One of my favorite April Fools was when I was a kid. Mom had gone on to work, and Dad had fixed breakfast for Brad and I. Colored pancakes (purple, maybe?), and everything was upside down. Plates, silverware, glasses, everything. You know the little dip in the bottom of a glass? Dad had put milk in that! Well, as we were leaving, Dad told us to hurry home so we could see the new kittens. Yeah, like we were going to fall for THAT! Well, sure enough, there were new kittens! I love harmless pranks like that.

Got off work a bit early today and ran a few errands. I had lunch with Karey today . . . steak . . . mmmm. Not that I could afford it, but steak. Slurp. Happiness, right there! I better go do some more cleaning for Drew's arrival . . . I'm sure I'm the only one that doesn't mind Britney fur . . . . Gorgeous day today. Walked Britney down to the river where the ducks were again. Well, this time she didn't hesitate, swimming she went!! Ugh, didn't really want a wet dog, but she was having so much fun . . . c'est la vie, right? I love springtime, the flowers are starting to pop out everywhere, weather's warm, ahhhh, life is SO good!!!