Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Texas, baby

Finally! Internet access! But, wouldn't you know it . . . Church software BLOCKS MySpace! How rude! Just kidding . . . makes good sense. I had a great time with Grandma, and got LOTS of reading done. I couldn't tell you the last time I sat and read a J D Robb book in 24 hours! Very relaxing. I did get a kick out of the fact that Grandma brings the contraband to the dining room. She brings the real butter, and everyone shares it.

I left SLC on Sunday, and landed in Houston to find that it is hot. HOT. They tell me it's winter time here, but it feels like Virginia in July. Mom and Dad's apartment is pretty nice. There's a pond, and lots of ducks, a pool, exercise room, and decent sized. Monday, yesterday, we went adventuring. We went to the San Jacinto monument, which is where Sam Houston defeated General Santa Ana in 18 minutes. This battle started everything that lead to Texas' Independence. The monument itself is the largest masonry building in the world. Like the DC monument, but 12 feet higher, 'cause, well, everything is bigger in Texas! Oh, and Stacey, those barn stars you like so much? Those are TEXAS stars, and one is atop the monument! We saw the USS Texas, and from there, headed to Galveston. Once in Galveston, we toured an Oil Rig museum, saw LOTS of pelicans, and then went to the ferry. Rode the ferry to an island and back, and saw MORE pelicans. Watching them fish is amazing! Then, there were these black bird/duck looking things. Someone said Cormorants or something like that. But, they dive down under the water, stay for 15-20 seconds, fishing! Fun to watch. Then, we went to the beach, and waded in the Gulf of Mexico. The water was SO warm, but people said it was cold, because it's winter! Yeah, 'cause 75 degrees is my idea of cold. Saw several jellyfish, blue, with a pink top on them. They were on the beach and while I took pictures, I stayed away! Had Sonic on the way home, then crashed about when we got to the apartment.

Dad has a meeting this morning, but then we are off to the zoo, and then the Museum where they have a display about Pompeii. Tonight we're going to watch Ratatouille, and tomorrow we're doing a cruise down the ship channel. Houston is 50 miles inland, but one of the largest ports in the US. Very interesting stuff going on here. You'd think with all the refineries and everything, gas would be cheap, but it's really the same price as in Virginia!

Going to go surf the net now . . . more later!