Monday, April 21, 2008

More weekend schtuff

Ah, so I forgot to tell about my laundry lesson! Now, I'm 32 (tomorrow!), and have been doing laundry a LONG time. One of my first household chores was helping to sort, so I know, white's with white's, dark's with dark's, etc. Wellllll, I learned an important lesson on Saturday. It was a gorgeous morning, brisk breeze, sunshine, so I figured I would make use of my clothesline. I've been really excited about silly things in this new house, such as a clothes line and a mail box. Hung my sheets out, and it took about 10 minutes for them to dry. Since I'm looking at a $700+ electric bill from this past winter, I'm a huge fan of sunshine! But, did you know that prior to hanging clothes out, you better make sure that the line is CLEAN? I took my whites out, hung them out (last load!), but when I brought them back in, there were nice BLACK lines along everywhere I had the pins! Very frustrating. Needless to say, they got washed again and then tossed in the dryer. So, on the to-do list this week includes cleaning the line.


Mark A. said...

I should have told you this, but you need to wipe the lines off every time you use them. A rag near the clothes pins was my reminder to do it. But the smell of air dried sheets and towels is worth the effort!!!
Love ya lots,