Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So, everyone seems to get a big kick out of my car. Let me set the record straight: I love my car. It's an 88 Honda Accord, and I got a great deal on it (thanks, Fire Chief!). I've talked about the VW before, but did I tell you I also paid $.17 a mile, everywhere I drove, as long as I had all A's and B's. If I got less than that, I paid $.27 a mile! Let me tell you, I didn't often drive anywhere I didn't have to go, and I knew the shortest route! This was in addition to insurance and gas! The first vehicle I bought was a 74 Malibu. I had no idea what a treasure I had! Bought the thing for $1000, and sold it for $400. My next "owned" car was an 87 Honda CRX, which I adored, but realized it didn't fit Britney well in the back. So, when Mom and Dad went to Argentina, they gave me the Toyota Corolla. That died, hence, now I have my Honda. I also have a Buick Park Avenue that Mom and Dad are enjoying . . . in Houston . . . with no A/C. Whew, at least the window's go down! But, my current Honda gets me around, and does what it needs to do. Insurance? Cheap. Taxes? HA! Paid in change. Something to be said for not having the latest and the greatest. What's been your favorite car? You're craziest memory in one?

ETA: Today, Apr. 23, Stacey asked, "Does your Honda have A/C?" I said, "Yup. All four windows go down!!!"