Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Adventures and other Disasters

So, this weekend was all kinds of fun! Worked at the Drag Strip on Friday night, and then the Dirt Track on Saturday. People were so happy to see me back on the back gate! I didn't realize I was missed. However, we rained out, so we'll have to try it again next week. I spent some time up in the tower just enjoying being around people, and then came home. Sunday, I woke up early and decided to put together some breakfasts for the rest of the week. Simple, right? I started with the bacon, on low heat, so it would be nice and flat and crispy. Pre-heated the oven, and started on the muffin mix. Juggling everything quite nicely, until I opened the oven to put my muffins in. Weeelllll. I have a dog who REALLY likes bread. So, I've taken to putting it in the oven so that she can't eat it. I forgot the bread was in there, so now I had a loaf of toasted bread, and melted wrap everywhere. I yanked the rack out, got the muffins in, realized I left OUT a can of blueberries, but in the meantime, my bacon was burning! Finally got the bacon under control, and went to check on the muffins. (9-12 minutes @ 425) Went back after 20 minutes, and the muffins are obviously not done. I then realize that my spiffy oven has a safety feature that turns the oven off if it is open for too long. So, by the time I get it hot enough again, now the muffins are flat. My fantastic breakfast is now burned, flat, and I have had enough!!! I had a bagel this morning - kinda hard to screw those up!

Went to Lindsey's dance recital last night. She was adorable! She ended up with an armful of flowers, as every girl should!!!