Tuesday, August 5, 2008

25 Things

Hi, me again. I just read Melissa at Stretch Marks, and she has 25 things that Inspire you. I couldn't help but want to play along, so here's 2 posts today for the price of one!

1. My puppy snuggling with me. I love cuddle time!
2. River time, every day with the mutt. So relaxing, and reminds me to appreciate the simple things in life.
3. Cooking. I'm not so much on the clean up part, but I love preparing food!
4. Music. Anything that's happy, upbeat, that I can sing along to, I love!
5. Springtime. Seeing all the new green, and flowers poking through, reminds me that life is spectacular.
6. Flipside of that, Fall. I love seeing the leaves change, and the air turn crisp and refreshing.
7. Water. Especially when I can be in it. I feel so free, and being in it, near it, around it, resets my soul.
8. Fresh baked bread. Even better with fresh applesauce.
9. Hugs from my dad. And my mom. Way too infrequent for my tastes, and now when I do get them, I immediately cry! It's usually because one of us is coming or going.
10. Calls from friends that I haven't talked to in forever. Even ones that I've talked to recently. The kind that are, "Hi, just thinking about you".
11. This one is very new, but seeing Msh with her baby girl. She's an amazing woman who has been through so much and is still an inspiration to me.
12. Getting L. Love. Seeing that little girl come flying at me, warms my heart.
13. Seeing my house clean, yard clean, everything organized. And my flowers blooming!
14. Getting flowers for no reason.
15. Helping someone. The only thing that keeps me on the rescue squad, is knowing that someday, I might make a difference.
16. Yummy smelling candles. Esp. the Tahitian flower one from Yankee Candle.
17. Laying in my hammock on a gorgeous day, reading a great book
18. Playing with kids. They are always discovering something new, and reminding me how magical the world can be.
19. Traveling. I love to see new places, and new things. The tiny taste of Africa I got wasn't nearly enough!
20. Hearing family stories from "back when". Grandpa used to tell the best indian stories!
21. Having my hair behave and look just right. Superficial, I know, but when the hair is good, the day is good!
22. Finding that perfect pair of shoes. Right price, right fit, right, right, right. Again, superficial, but I love when it happens!
23. Along with the perfect pair of shoes, the perfect jeans. Right Fit from LB has hit it dead on. Super comfy, and I get to claim I wear a size 2!
24. Having a successful day at work. I love my job, and it's even better when I have a good day!
25. Comments! I love comments, and am no where near a "power blogger", but I love the ones I get anyway. So, if you decide to play along, let me know so I can come read!

ETA: Just got notice that they are moving some of the missionaries where Mom and Dad are serving. Moving them to where M&D ARE, but still . . . keep them in your thoughts, ok? Silly Tropical Storms! You just never know what could happen!


Kellan said...

I love lots of these things as well - great list.

Have a good afternoon - see you soon - Kellan