Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Golden Sleep

Well, kind of. I remember telling someone recently that one of the advantages of growing older that I don't have to justify my bedtime. If I want to go to bed at 7p, that's just fine. However, the flip side of growing up, is that you really ought to know better than to stay awake way later than is appropriate. I mean, really. Did I NEED to stay up to watch Mr. Phelps get that gold medal. Oh, who am I fooling. Of COURSE I did! And the worst part? The newspaper posted the exact times of each of his next meet . . . all after 10p EST, of course. Sheesh. Thank goodness for DVR. I can't keep this up!

This week is c r a z y at work. My boss is out with a sick kid, and my counterpart is on vacation. So that leaves me. Just me. And, last night B. said that the kids wanted to know if they could eat at my house tonight. Uh, sure? So, on top of being slammed at work, at some point I have to get by Wally World and pick up kid appropriate dinner! Ugh. The good side is, I love having them there, and they wear my puppy out!

This past weekend was good, as far as weekends go. Drag Strip on Friday night, dirt track on Saturday. And, B. parked his truck where I could sit on the back and actually SEE all of the race! A whole lot more fun than just turn 2! I worked late last night, and just enjoyed the evening with my puppy. It's been absolutely gorgeous weather lately, 80's and breezy during the day, high 50's/low 60's at night . . . which is perfect sleeping weather! I can't believe it's August and I'm loving it! I'm on call tonight, so shhhh . . . hopefully it'll be another good night of snoozing!


Coffee Bean said...

Can you believe I have not watched any of the Olympics?