Monday, August 4, 2008

What I did

This weekend:
Cleaned my house
Made Gravy -n- Biscuits, eggs, and bacon. Slurp.
Cleaned my car, inside and out.
Did laundry. Lots of laundry.
Weeded flower beds.
Walked my dog.
Washed my dog.
Watched racing.
Took a luxurious, 2 hour nap with my puppy in my lap. Neither of us moved!
Announced at the Truck Pull.

The what? The Interstate Truck and Tractor Pull. What an adventure. And a fun one, at that! Initially, I was nervous as anything. I mean, all these people? But then I realized, are they really going to be listening? Turns out, yes. I learned that Swoope, VA, is actually pronounces Swoap. Like, soap with a "w" in it. And, if the front of the truck has F O R D on it, it is NOT a Chevy, contrary to what the registration form says. Dude needs better friends! But, at no point in my life, would I have thought the following words would have come out of my mouth. Mama would be so proud! (Lots of sarcasm in that!) "And now, Redneck Hooker coming at you and looking good." Yup. I said it. On a PA system so I got to hear myself say it. It's a new low of Redneck-dom. Still, I had a couple of people tell me I did good, so I guess it wasn't a complete disaster, and I had fun doing it! Kids again came to the house and played with Britney. I think B. is right: She's finally met her match in energy levels! How about you? Did you do anything fun this weekend? What kind of last hurrahs do you have planned before summer ends?


John Deere Mom said...

Can I just tell you how wonderful your weekend sounds to a married mom of 2 with school starting soon? There are days I long for some peace, quiet, relaxation, and alone time. Sigh. I guess I should enjoy these baby years before they are "too cool" to hang out with Mom.