Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shopping . . . also known as cruel and unusual

Last night B. called. "We're on our way to your place, see ya in about 30 minutes." I think he likes "dropping" in on me to see how I handle it. Whatever! It's not like I had major plans or anything. Took Britney to the river really quick, then got home to put the groceries away. He wanted to go to Super Shoes to get a new pair of hunting boots. Shoe store? I'm always up for shoe shopping! We got there, and I promptly disappeared to the happy section . . . aka, strappy sandals. Lots of yeah, kinda cute, but nothing that really blew my socks off until I found the one pair of red shoes. Cute, peep toe pumps with a strap across the ankle, in red suede. Oh, but they would look PERFECT with my new black and white outfit. Clearanced, too! Of course, they DIDN'T have them in my size . . . why would they? That's just my luck! Cute flip flops, cute river shoes, but I didn't really NEED those. So, be proud of me. I left with only the flip flops I wore in. Sigh. Better luck next time!

After a quick stop at Mickey D's to get his boys a snack, we headed back to my house. I made taco salad (yummy!) for dinner, and tried to convince them that avocado's are GOOD. Yeah, that didn't happen either. But, they did a good job of wearing themselves and Britney out, and I've learned that doing dinner for more than one wreck havoc with me being in bed with the chickens! You know what though? It was so worth it! Lots more fun to have company around . . . .

Oh, and next time I'll make the taco salad, I'll make sure I get photos and a recipe up!


Mrs4444 said...

You are a great auntie :)