Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dental Thoughts

4 days since I last posted? What's up with that? I can do better, I will do better!

This weekend was good, as far as weekends go. I'd give it about a 6.5, since there wasn't anything WAY out of the norm, and there were no tragedies.

Friday night we rained out of the track. Well, now what? B. was hunting, so I got in touch with #1G, and we went to see Batman: The Dark Knight at the cheapie theater in BV. What did I think? Well, I liked the movie. I did NOT like the "sound" that came up every time the Joker did. I hated Batman's voice. It was a decent movie, but I didn't see the "wow" factor that everyone else did. Joker was creepie, but not overly so. I know I'm in the minority here, so don't bash me, but it's JMO. Came home just in time to see Mr. Phelps win by 1/100th of a second. Whoa. Yeah. THAT's racing! Good schtuff right there.

Saturday was spent cleaning, being a little lazy, and then heading up to the dirt track. I woke up with my knee aching. Not sure what I did, but even today, it hurts! I've been doing the heat/ice thing, and it is helping.

Sunday, well, I cooked! Apple Dumplings, Oatmeal Cake, and Zucchini bread. Took 2 out of 3 to A. house for the cookout they were having for her young'un. See, he's headed east, way East, to have sandburgers. Yes, he's being deployed for 400 days. YUCK. I can't even imagine being in her shoes. It was nice to see everyone there for the support of him, and I really liked what the woman said when she prayed, "Let the time pass by quickly for us, safely for him, so that we may again join each other just as we are tonight." I agree - I'm ready for the next cookout! Still . . . Pray for Annette and Sidney, k?

And, while you're doing the prayer thing. Yesterday, I got a call. "Hey, Kiddo. . . . . . . . . silence." Then Mom picked up. "We're taking your dad to the ER, something with his heart." See, when Dad called to tell me about Brad, he did the same thing, so I instantly knew something was wrong. I don't like that. Anyway, they kept him overnight, and he's going home today. No heart attack, but still, there is something going on that's not quite right. Scary stuff, people.

Oh, and since this is titled "Dental Thoughts" as I was laying there last night I was trying to remember what nails on a chalkboard sounds like, because it has GOT to be better than that sound of the dental chick scratching away on my teeth! Ugh. I hate that sound!! Also, I'm still trying to figure out why they talk to you while you have a mouthful of gadgets. I mean, really, don't they cover that in basic training?

Tonight is another quiet night for me . . . not on call, and no adventures planned. Well, other than folding clothes. Yeah, that's got to happen. Oh, and maybe clean a little. Depends on the knee. My floor has GOT to have some attention!

What about you? Anything exciting going on this week for you?