Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trees and Monkeys

Last night was wonderful. Want to know why? B. called and said that he and the kids were coming over, and they were coming to work! B. got the bed upstairs fixed (it had needed some support under the mattress since there's no box spring), and then there was some pruning work. The back yard has a fantastic creek for turtle, frog and minnow hunting, but the trees are slightly out of control. RS had done a beautiful job of whacking down all the green stuff growing back there, and by getting that stuff out of there, it looks like my yard is twice the size that it was! It actually looks like someone lives there and cares about how it looks! See this first picture?

See the monkey in there? No? Well, let me zoom in a bit!

That's the oldest monkey, and he scrambled right up in there! It was dusky when I took this picture, but isn't it a great improvement? Of course, not so easy for monkeys to get in there, but . . . .

I love it! And, this one? Had branches all way down low that made it all look a mess and very difficult to mow around.

That corner of the porch there used to have an out of control cedar tree that would drop sliver/pricky things that would be awful to try to dig out of my feet, as well as poor Britney's paws. So, it had to go! I wish I had before pictures to put with this, but . . . . see? Doesn't it look nice and clean? Ahhh, happiness.


Mrs4444 said...

Looks like monkey paradise now! :)