Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Poor Blog

It's been so neglected lately. So has Twitter, come to think of it. But, that may be because work has been crazy busy lately!

This weekend was pretty uneventful. Racing, racing, and time at K.'s house, cooling off her pool. The weather is still gorgeous, but I've been reminded lately that it is August in the South. Yuck. They're finally calling for some rain, which might help the river situation!

Poor Britney. The kids had her down in the creek throwing rocks, and she was digging for them. She ripped almost all her front claws down to the quick! They were bleeding, and I felt so bad for her! Baby girl laid down and licked at her paws while whining under her breath. B's oldest did a great job though of getting the mop and cleaning my floor right up though. I'm more and more impressed with how well behaved they are. Still boys, but good kids!

Let's end on a funny note. I was headed up to the track on Friday, and reached for my glove box. I keep Q-tips in there. Don't ask. OK, so ask. You never know when you might need one! Mascara under the eye, itchy ear, or dusty air vent! Anyway, I opened the compartment, and I saw a flash of brown fur move! I also noticed that I no longer have Q-tips, rather, a bunch of sticks and a nest of cotton!!! And yes. It's still in there. It's not that I'm afraid of mice. I happen to think they are kind of cute. However, I'm not so wild about being startled by one. I remember when I was a kid, the houses on my block surrounded a field. What comes with fields? Field mice! Anyway, our babysitter was going to make us some Mac & Cheese, and opened a drawer to get a spoon. The mouse jumped out, ran up her arm, jumped off her shoulder, and took off. I don't think she ever baby sat for us again!!! Have you ever been startled by a critter?


Melissa Lee said...

Have I ever been startled by a critter???

Let's just say that I STILL will not step foot inside my Granny's pantry. When she asks me to get something for her I just say, ", Granny. And you know why."

She thinks I'm an idiot.

By the way, girl, PAPACITO'S is where it's at. Welcome to the real world, baby! :)

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