Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another day, another year older. . .

Yup, it happens to everyone at some point or another. I have the privilege of sharing my day with Earth Day. Yay. However, as far as days go, it was pretty good - very low key. I do LOVE the flowers my co-workers got me . . . a hanging basket with all sorts of colors, so it should last all summer. Well, unless my black thumb gets the better of me.

I've spent the past couple of evenings down at the squad building. Had fun learning how to caulk a floor, and last night, we went inch by inch over the newly tiled floors, scraping up stray glue. It was great (not so much) for my manicure. This weekend we are hosting the District 1 EMT competition. Should be a good time. One "new" thing we have is the PA system, that runs through the building. So, now, supposedly I can plug in my ipod and listen to music anywhere. Except, it's not working exactly right. Part of the fun of a re-model, right? They did laugh at me last night in playing with our new ambulance. I was enthralled with the "open the doors, unit drops down. Close the door, unit goes up." feature. Oh, and the "push the button, and the pedals come to YOU" up front for more vertically challenged people. It's just cool!

I also whacked off my hair this week, about 6-7 inches. I love it. It feels so much better, and is great for summer. Sometimes a girl just needs a change. I got to talk to a good friend of mine last night. She and I were teenagers together, and it's been interesting to see where each of us have ended up. Not at all where either thought it would be, but it's a good place. She's an awesome mother, doing her best to do it on her own while still holding out for Mr. Right. We got to talking about guys (hey, we haven't changed THAT much.) Why is it that so many of them start with one behavior style/habit, then suddenly change and leave us scratching our heads? I dated a guy, who out of the blue, would call my voice mail every single morning telling me he was thinking about me, and he hoped that I would have a good day. Sweet, right? It was a little thing that told me he was interested/thinking, etc. Suddenly, one day, it stopped. I wondered about it, but didn't say anything. I wonder, if I had, would that have changed the outcome? I've dated - a lot, and some really interesting characters, but I just haven't figured out this particular "quirk". Guys, if you catch a girl with some little trick like this, keep doing it!

What about you? Does your significant other have a thing he does? Did he, and now he stopped? Maybe the role is reversed and that's you? What do you think?


Susan said...

Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I agree a new haircut always makes me feel great -a fresh start.

I'm curious, did the guy ever explained why he stopped the messages? Am I slow and did he stop because you stopped dating?