Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Writer's Workshop

Wow . . . I'm on a roll this week! Writing for Mama Kat's workshop this week. I chose the prompt, "What is your role in the household?"

My friends tell me I try to do too much. It's an ongoing joke that I have something to do, 6 nights a week. The one night I don't have meetings, is the night I reserve for MY errands. So, where does this leave me in my household?

I'm the housekeeper, the cook, the shopper, the dog feeder, the dog walker, the bill payer, the trash puter-outer, and the basic repair-er. There are many times that I think, "If I could just come home and the dishes were done." I joked before that the most romantic thing a boy could do for me is mow my yard! Fortunately, I have good friends who do that for me, but if I owned a mower, I'd do that, as well. Living by myself certainly has it's disadvantages. However, I chose to look at it this way.

If the house is clean when I leave, it'll be clean when I come back. If I want to have all pink flowers in the flower beds, so be it. I don't have to justify to anyone eating nachos in bed, while watching TV at 3 am. Britney really does not care, as long as I share with her. I can use up every drop of hot water and not miss a wink of sleep over it. I can drink out of the container, I can eat the last of the brownies, and it's ok. My house is as loud or as quiet as I chose. There's no fighting over covers, no arguing over a thermostat.

If I were to let myself think about what I'm missing out on, by being single, yup, it would get me down. Instead, I chose to focus on the good - and there is LOTS of good. When I want the chaos and laughter that comes with a houseful of people, I have the most awesome friends that I can go visit. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

Life is good.


Susan said...

Ahhh....the grass is always greener! I long for days when it's just me and the dog, how peaceful life would be!

Unknown said...

Life is good! I love your post. What a great attitude!