Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordful Wednesdays

It's been a while since I played along with Wordful Wednesday's. That might have to do with the fact that my camera inexplicably disappeared, but did you know when you clean house, things magically appear? I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Anyway, I finally picked myself up and decided I was done with the whole sick and tired thing, which makes my puppy very happy. Normally, she's a pretty well-behaved spoiled animal, but last night, she decided that she needed some natural scent, and rolled in something slightly worse than month old dead something or other. Of course, she did this just before I had to be at a meeting I was already 45 minutes late for, so she got locked in the bathroom until I could get home. I walked in, and told her, "get in". She knew I wasn't kidding, and now, you get to see what pitiful looks like.

She loves water. Normally. But, when you start to mix soap in, not so much. But, do I REALLY have to stay in here?

I'm sorry . . . really I am . . .

At least when she's clean and smells pretty, there are perks . . .

Can't you just let me sleep? Seriously . . . it's cold out there!

Fine - I'll just ignore you.

But, after I had left at 330, and got home at 0600 from that wreck call, this is what I found. I can almost hear her saying, "Ex-CUSE me. Do you KNOW what time it is?!?!?"
At least things aren't ever dull around here . . . and she's ALWAYS happy to see me come home!

Come play with us . . .


Anonymous said...

How funny, I love her sad pitiful puppy dog expression in the bathtub, I get the same look from my puppy cricket when I give her a bath.

I am Harriet said...

I had a lab just like yours. I miss him so much :(

Brenda said...

Those are fun pictures of your dog. I have never understood why dogs need to roll in very smelly things.