Thursday, April 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop

Thursday means it's time for Mama Kat's writing assignment. I've got several blog posts circulating in my head (it's been a good blog material week), but I'm going to follow the rules and play with her.

1.) Who really helped you get over something? Write about that person.(

I've had several big things happen over the past 3-4 years. Two major-ly broken hearts, and more recently, it got bruised. And, I feel foolish because it only got bruised because I was stupid and decided to just say the heck with it and dropped all walls. Dur. Stupid move, and I know better - I won't do it again. Well, this week, anyway. I've also had some stressful vehicle issues, as well as personal stuff. So, who helps me get over it? Let's go with the broken heart deal, since that's the one that seems to have taken the longest.

It's actually not one person, it's several. Michelle, Annette, Karey, Laurie, all the girls at work who laugh at my pathetic stories without making me feel like a complete loser. Michelle, for encouraging me to write about the humorous events that have led me to be as screwed up as I am. I'm going to take her advice and at least get them out in some format. Annette, for listening and being quick to judge that said boy is just a big, fat stupid head. Karey, for always listening to my stories and letting me come and escape into her world. Laurie, who is always there for a quick gab/text session. And my awesome, fantastic co-workers, without whom life would be very boring. Anytime I have any problems, they are so quick to either help me solve them, dissect them, or laugh at them.
What about you? Is there someone amazing in your life that helps you out?


Trudy Tilseth said...

Hi Sheri! I'm visiting from Mama Kat's today. Loved the post, sounds like you have a great group of supportive and wonderful friends. And lucky you with the co-workers too, most of us can't wait to leave them, LOL!