Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fragments

It's been a while since I played along with Friday Fragments. I guess it's right up there with why my Wii Fit is going to yell at me - I haven't had time for anything except work, meetings, shower, sleep, do it all again. It gets old, fast. But, I am going to do better, so here goes.

I see that Mrs. 4444 has already linked to my favorite news story this week. Susan Boyd vs. Simon Cowell. If you haven't heard of her, and you're on the 'net reading blogs, well, get your head out from under the rock. The woman is amazing. And, a good reminder that you don't always get what you see.

I want to know why it is people think they can bully their way into getting what they want. Telling me you are going to go over my head, or to scream at me, or worse, to cry and tell me that "You just don't understand" Believe me, I do understand. And, I have been in your shoes more times that you can guess. Still, do not tell me that I "have" to do what you want. I can be pretty stubborn, and the quickest way to get me to NOT do something is to tell me I HAVE to do it. Didn't your Mama ever tell you that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar? Sheesh.

My puppy is happy again. I had run out of rawhide bones, and I wasn't about to pay $10 for 4, when I get 15 for $9 in Roanoke. Fortunately, though, a Sam's trip was in the making, and now, my puppy won't chew my leg off in the middle of the night. The plus side of a Sam's trip is always dining out. Of course, we ended up at Olive Garden, just like every time, but I remember why about two bites into their salad. Yummy.

My parents will be here in just over a month. They've never even seen this house! I'm so excited to have them here. And, the visit will be a quick, in and out, which just makes me happy that they were here and looking forward to having them back. They've been missionaries for the past decade or so - 2 years in Argentina, 2 in Africa, and most recently, 2 in Texas. I wonder what they will do now???

My wonderful friend, SN, has had some great . . . moments this week. A couple of my favorites? "S, how many letters are in the alphabet? 27! No, . . . wait, 25. Hold on . . . let me count. 26!" The next day: "What language do they speak in London?" But, my favorite this week came from LS, as we were diagnosing why she was feeling so ill. I suggested Lactose Intolerance. She promptly moaned, "But I like milk even more than I like beeeeeerrrr!" Awesome. Just Awesome!

Just noticed the time, so that means it's gotta rush time. Happy weekend, everyone!


♥georgie♥ said...

Susan Boyd is AMAZING!!!!

shopannies said...

i hope you have a great time when your parents visit

Mrs4444 said...

Busy, as usual, huh? I enjoyed your fragments this week; thanks for taking the time. How's the exercise regimen going; has the dog been as helpful with that as you'd hoped :)

That bullying thing works somewhere for them. I always tell my bully students; Does that work somewhere? Cuz it doesn't work here, and I think you forgot where you were for a second! :)