Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Night

Ah, Michelle. She's so good for me. I read a recent blog post to her and she was so encouraging. I've had a couple of pretty hurtful things said to me recently by people who are supposed to be my friends, and she has helped me see the truth behind the statements. She's also encouraged me to write more, to share thoughts and ideas, even if no one is reading this except me.

Today, I took Britney for 3 walks. THREE. In the puppy world, this is as close to heaven as you can get. I've been actually walking from my house, rather than driving down to the river road. While she protests being reigned in with a leash, it's much better exercise for both of us.

On the third walk, she was starting to wear out. The best part of this, is she actually acts like she knows how to walk on a leash. You know, not trying to pull my back out? But, I was struck by how, on the surface at least, this town is so idyllic. Let's see if I can share a bit.

The sky, of course, was crystal blue. It was in the high 70's, with a steady breeze blowing. While the mountains are still a bit sparse looking, there are signs of green everywhere. The field, has started to sprout, and the flowers gave the whole thing a purple haze. As Britney played loose, the few cars that came by stopped, laughed, and went on. Coming back on Blue Ridge Road, there was a pick up game going on at the ball field. A handful of random kids, and what appeared to be a grandfather and father encouraging them. A picnic was going on at the shelter, and kids were crawling all over the playground. Again, everyone waves. The cars passing me on the shoulder, drivers throw a hand up in acknowledgement. Small town, all around. The train passed, as it does every afternoon, with the engineer waving as he passed to the kids in the first car. I was tossed back to sitting in the car with my parents, counting cars at the crossing in Roy, UT. I'm privileged to live in a small community like this. My wings are getting a bit cramped, and it occurs to me more and more often, that maybe there are better opportunities elsewhere. But for now, every day, I'm going to enjoy the walk, and the waves.

Now, it's going to be a good week . . . and Carrie, a busier, happier week, ok?
Photo was taken 04/03/2009, looking up the road Britney and I walk down. And, while today was gorgeous, Friday, not so much!