Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day After

Good afternoon, y'all. Christmas actually ended up not sucking totally. How's that for some valley girl for ya? I cooked . . . ALL day. Actually, Monday night I made the Caramel Apple Pie, the crust for the Pumpkin pie, and the 7 layer salad. Christmas morning I got up and opened my presents from Mom and Dad, then cooked the Turkey, the green bean cass., the stuffing, the red cabbage, the potatoes, and another apple pie. Whew. Then, Annette, Dwayne, Sidney, and Finch came and ate. And ate. And did I mention, we ate? WOW. Everything actually turned out - no one went to the ER with food poisoning, and I didn't burn anything. The kitchen is even cleaned back up!

Christmas Eve, the party at Karey's was AWESOME! It was so much fun to hang out and visit, and watch the kids interact and play. And the food? Oh wow. The food. Mmmmm. Karey, man, between her and the Pioneer Woman, I could almost pass as a decent cook! Karey gave me a gorgous digital picture frame, and I LOVE it! Annette gave me a Nativity scene, since I didn't have one of those. Mom and Dad sent Piffener (spelled wrong), but it's a Danish cookie, and a family tradition. They also sent a couple of other neat treats, DVD's, etc. All in all, other than the bad news, a holiday to remember. Drew even called, and I enjoyed visiting with him. Andi stopped by and gave me this totally awesome bottle of wine and gadget thing-y that will turn it into a candle once I find a home for the liquid inside. I enjoyed getting to visit with her - it's amazing. You live so close to someone and rarely see them!

What was your favorite gift and memory?