Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Evening

Sunday night, and I'm home from my excursion. I SO needed the break. Got some shopping done, got to see my friends, and relax! Spent last night at Michelle and Henry's, and then got up this morning and joined her on a trail ride. Now, Msh is quite the horsewoman. She's good. REALLY good. I mean, jump 6' fences and gallop across mountains good. Then, there was me. TROT? Heck no! Slow that baby down to a walk. Still, it was awesome to be walking, on horseback, through the forest, across streams, and just enjoy the GORGOUS peaceful day. Quite a way to wrap up the weekend. I enjoyed being able to do something with Msh that is "her" thing, and to share in that. I've loved having more time with her. I definately have to make that happen more often. Anyway. Came home, put the house back together. Am currently working on laundry, so I'll have clean things to wear this week, but otherwise, I'm hurting in places I didn't realize I could hurt. The joys of working muscles that haven't been worked in YEARS!!! Gonna go soak and snooze.