Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Night

Good evening! Drum roll . . . date #2 went well! We went bowling, and let me tell ya. I had SO much fun! The only thing . . . we bowled til 1a, then he took me back to my car. Then I had to stop for fuel and Dr. Pepper, which had me getting home at three am!!! I am NOT 21 anymore! It wouldn't have been so bad, but I had to be at work at 8. I was barely coherant!!! You know what? Well worth it though! I'm really looking forward to the concert this weekend. I like that fact that he's tall (size 13 shoe! It's amazing what kind of strange info you can pick up!) We'll see how the show goes. He mentioned getting together for New Years Eve, but it depends on whether or not he has to work on the 1st.

On another note. Here's something that sucks about being single in the country. A girl has to remove the dead carcasses herself!!! That was not so much fun. I came out this morning to find a dead bird on the front porch. Not dropped off by a feline or something, but just, "Ok, I'm gonna die now" keeled over. I didn't have the heart to just fling it out in the woods, so I dropped it in a zip-loc bag and threw it in the trash. Poor bird. Thank goodness for plastic!

Mom is in UT for my grandpa's memorial service. I'm really glad she went. I had kinda thought that I would like to have his boots, but I didn't want to say anything about it, in case someone else did. Mom called and asked if I wanted any of his clothes. So, I got first dibs on his boots and his hat. My Grandpa was a legit cowboy - his family were sheep herders, and he experianced SO much. He even helped build the railroad, as well as the Hoover Dam. There's a whole lotta history there!!! I'm glad I'm going to get something.

Today has been a lazy day - It's been raining, and I've just been relaxing. Tomorrow is the last day of 2007, are you doing anything remarkable?