Saturday, December 8, 2007

North Carolina

Good morning! I'm hanging out here at the Days Inn. It's Saturday, and I came down to NC with Michelle. She had training down this-a-way, and since I grew up about 20 minutes from here, I tagged along for the ride. Yesterday, I stopped in and saw Kathi, and then did a bit of riding around, just to see what had changed. I had lunch at Binion's with her (YUMMM!), and then went to put flowers on Brad's grave. It's the first time that I've been there by myself, and it was a needed trip. I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself, and all of a sudden, this gorgeous retriever came up to say hi! Beautiful, well-mannered dog. Just what I needed! Afterwards, I wandered over to say hi to Bobby. That put me about time to pick up Msh, so I headed back up Leicester Hwy and got her. We then went to dinner at this amazing place, called the Fiddlin' Pig. Live Bluegrass, and delicious BBQ! It was wonderful. We then dashed over to the other side of town where we got there, just in time, to see Enchanted. Total chick flick, but it had enough adult humor, etc., to make it HILARIOUS! It's been a long time since there was a movie I actually wanted to buy! I'd love to see it again. Then, back to the hotel room. Got up this morning, dropped off Msh, and am back here, just chilling out. I'm supposed to catch up with Bobby at some point today, and I need to run by the mall and do a bit of looking around. We'll head back to VA this evening, and I'll spend the night at Msh's. I think we're going to try to do a trail ride or something tomorrow. All in all, a great trip away from home. Thurs. was a bad day. Transmission problems with the Blazer, my dog gave me a fat lip, then I fell while walking her, busting up my knee and twisting my ankle. NOT my idea of a good day!! So, this trip was a wonderful excuse to get away and run away from my problems. Ever feel like that???