Friday, April 25, 2008


Man, am I glad to see the weekend here! Not that it's going to be relaxing - I think I'm busy about every minute, but I'm ok with that. 50/50 on rain tomorrow, so that would allow for some down time, but it's hard to pay bills when we're not racing!

Yesterday wasn't the best day I've had. I had a not so nice run in right before I headed home for the day, and by the time I got home, I had a raging migraine. I made Won-Ton Salad for Mike and Andi, and then went to EMT team practice. Came back home, to make ANOTHER salad to take to work and to K. I'm tired, my head hurts, I'm in an overall bad mood. My kitchen is trashed because I was being lazy and not washing as I went (sorry Mom!), and I'm frying Won Ton skins. Frying them isn't bad, but it's time consuming and if you wait even a little to long, they burn. I'm going along, and somehow manage to drop the tongs down in the hot oil and splatter oil all over the front of my shirt, burn my stomach, and my toes (wearing flip flops!) Youza! I did realize something about Britney - she has sensitive ears! She hates for the exhaust fan to be on, and will hide in the bathroom where it is quieter. Funny! Anyway, so I finally get to bed about midnight, and of course, I'm on call. 3:05, Rescue 3, respond, MVC. Yay. And stuff. Ugh. It's a Murphy's Law thing, the more tired I am/earlier I have to be up/# of calls ran on the previous 4 nights dictates the liklihood of having a call.

After my experiance yesterday I've been thinking about how I react to situations. It's human nature to get snappy and obnoxious when we're tired, hungry, or not getting our way, but isn't it something we can overcome? Mistakes happen. As long as we bring it to someone's attention, and they make every effort possible to resolve it, should you still turn into a raging monster and yell/threaten/intimidate them? I've long been a believer in that you catch more flies with honey . . . what do you think?