Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Cat Ladies,

I'd like to thank you for providing Britney with her nightly snack. At first it was easy for me to keep her away from the plates of fragrant wet cat food placed in the woods, but tonight, you made it a game - piles of dry food scattered in small piles along the road. Now, as I try to walk and enjoy the peace and beauty of the evening, everything just smells like a well-used litter box. I realize that you're trying to take care of the poor kitties, but are you aware you are also attracting cute raccoons, possums, and skunks? Oh yeah - they love cat food. It wasn't enough that y'all felt the need to trespass in my back yard (at previous residence) to try to take care of the kitties, now you're dumping food just at random? I tried to go over to my other spot to let her run and play, but lo and behold - food left out there, as well!!! At least the little fur balls provide great entertainment - Britney loves to have something to chase, and this way, you're helping to provide great playmates for her. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
PS - I'm not a cat hater. I actually like them. For the record, is all I'm sayin'. But if you're going to take the time to feed them, please also take the time to get them fixed and vaccinated!!! Rabies is not a friend of any animal.


Anonymous said...

Dogs are WAY better than cats! WAY!