Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Fragments

What a crazy week! I've been a little hit or miss on the blogging thing lately, but wanted to make sure I got in for Friday Fragments - those little bits that aren't enough to warrant a post all on their own.
Like I said, it's been one of those weeks. I get home, and barely have time to shower and crawl into bed. The more meetings I have, the more I resent them. I really don't care about the in's and out's. I just want to volunteer, do my thing, and go home. It goes back to picking up the stick though. You can't grab just one end!
Last night I watched my friends kids. She kept telling me to take advantage of the fact that her new bathroom has the water hooked up. I did, and it was AWESOME. Whirlpool bath tubs are the best, hands down.
I drove home in the snow last night. What's up with that? Last week I was wearing shorts. Today, I'm digging out my sweaters and boots. Ah, spring. I'd forgotten how fickle you are.
Have you heard "Home Sweet Home" by Carrie Underwood? I love classic and 80's rock, and her take on it is so refreshing. I've heard that she does a lot of the hair band songs at her concerts.
This week I also had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend from high school. It's been fun to hear the different things and ways that someone else remembers the same memories that you have. I keep having different people from my past catch up with me from Facebook, and I love it.
Here's a little pet peeve that I seem to notice more and more lately. The use of "s" to make something plural that should NOT be plural. For example, "I'm going to Wal-marts." You know, I can usually go to just one to get my shopping done. Or, "I need some help with my checkings account." I know it's a simple thing, but it drives me CRAZY. Do you have anything like that?

Come play with us . . .

Half-Past Kissin' Time


Anonymous said...

I have never heard this "s" situation and I better not. That would make me crazy.

Smoochiefrog said...

I wonder if that's a southern thing (the s that is). I know that saying something like I went to The Wal-Mart last night (the the thing) is totally a southern thing. I do it all the time. :)

Mrs4444 said...

Fustrating. I hate it when people say that. It's FRUSTRATING. I informed a student this week that it has an r. He had no idea and was glad that I told him. Again, little thing, but it drives me batty. yeah, what is it with the WalmartS?

Haven't heard that song yet, but I'll listen for it!

You are the busiest single person I have ever met! Sounds like you have a wonderful life, though :) Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with plurals. I have myriad other problems with the way that people butcher the English language, but they are too numerous to list.