Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yoga, anyone?

I'm putting off my workout this morning until I'm a little more awake. Of course, if I really was trying to do that, I would be back in bed until about 10, but since the boss won't go for that, I'll blog til I wake up.

A person from my past life found me on Facebook a few days ago, and as a result, I've remembered some really interesting times. I mentioned it to a girl at work, and of course she was all, "Do you have a picture?" Do I have a picture? I have LOTS of pictures, but am I necessarily going to share them? Ok, so not all of them, but I did find this one and I instantly remembered this day.

This girl worked with me at Hardee's. Her name is Sherry, so we were Sher I and Sher Y. I was dating this cute navy boy, and when he came home, he brought a friend and wanted to know if I had a friend for him to go out with. I asked this girl, and she turned out to be one of my best friends for quite a while. I hate that time and distance has caused us to lose touch. She has such an awesome, quirky sense of humor, and there are many times I find myself missing her.

Look - that black dress was mine, and the blue one, hers. We used to love switching up, sharing each others things. That red car? That was TJ's, and he attempted to teach her how to drive a stick in it. I succeeded in teaching her that! I think I was a little less pressure and a little more patient. The dog tags I'm wearing? Those were my guy's. Wow, but I was pale - that was in the days of scary self tanner! But wowza - I was skinny! Oh, good times. Eventually me and the boy parted ways, and like I said, she and I grew apart. Still, last night's trip through the photo albums brought back many memories like these. So, Stacey, thank you . . . .