Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Night

Good evening! Drum roll . . . date #2 went well! We went bowling, and let me tell ya. I had SO much fun! The only thing . . . we bowled til 1a, then he took me back to my car. Then I had to stop for fuel and Dr. Pepper, which had me getting home at three am!!! I am NOT 21 anymore! It wouldn't have been so bad, but I had to be at work at 8. I was barely coherant!!! You know what? Well worth it though! I'm really looking forward to the concert this weekend. I like that fact that he's tall (size 13 shoe! It's amazing what kind of strange info you can pick up!) We'll see how the show goes. He mentioned getting together for New Years Eve, but it depends on whether or not he has to work on the 1st.

On another note. Here's something that sucks about being single in the country. A girl has to remove the dead carcasses herself!!! That was not so much fun. I came out this morning to find a dead bird on the front porch. Not dropped off by a feline or something, but just, "Ok, I'm gonna die now" keeled over. I didn't have the heart to just fling it out in the woods, so I dropped it in a zip-loc bag and threw it in the trash. Poor bird. Thank goodness for plastic!

Mom is in UT for my grandpa's memorial service. I'm really glad she went. I had kinda thought that I would like to have his boots, but I didn't want to say anything about it, in case someone else did. Mom called and asked if I wanted any of his clothes. So, I got first dibs on his boots and his hat. My Grandpa was a legit cowboy - his family were sheep herders, and he experianced SO much. He even helped build the railroad, as well as the Hoover Dam. There's a whole lotta history there!!! I'm glad I'm going to get something.

Today has been a lazy day - It's been raining, and I've just been relaxing. Tomorrow is the last day of 2007, are you doing anything remarkable?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Last Friday of 2007

And, here we go again. Date # 2 is tonight, and I have no idea what we are doing. He said he is giong to call me this afternoon, so I reckon we'll make plans from there. Hey, he called. He's already ahead of the last few "first" dates I've had! I think we'll have a great time! Next week is the concert in Lynchburg. I went ahead and got MYSELF a hotel room to prevent any potential problems or interesting predicaments. :-) I'm leaving early today to go play with Britney and "pretti-fy" myself, or at least relax some! I'll let you know how it goes . . .

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day After

Good afternoon, y'all. Christmas actually ended up not sucking totally. How's that for some valley girl for ya? I cooked . . . ALL day. Actually, Monday night I made the Caramel Apple Pie, the crust for the Pumpkin pie, and the 7 layer salad. Christmas morning I got up and opened my presents from Mom and Dad, then cooked the Turkey, the green bean cass., the stuffing, the red cabbage, the potatoes, and another apple pie. Whew. Then, Annette, Dwayne, Sidney, and Finch came and ate. And ate. And did I mention, we ate? WOW. Everything actually turned out - no one went to the ER with food poisoning, and I didn't burn anything. The kitchen is even cleaned back up!

Christmas Eve, the party at Karey's was AWESOME! It was so much fun to hang out and visit, and watch the kids interact and play. And the food? Oh wow. The food. Mmmmm. Karey, man, between her and the Pioneer Woman, I could almost pass as a decent cook! Karey gave me a gorgous digital picture frame, and I LOVE it! Annette gave me a Nativity scene, since I didn't have one of those. Mom and Dad sent Piffener (spelled wrong), but it's a Danish cookie, and a family tradition. They also sent a couple of other neat treats, DVD's, etc. All in all, other than the bad news, a holiday to remember. Drew even called, and I enjoyed visiting with him. Andi stopped by and gave me this totally awesome bottle of wine and gadget thing-y that will turn it into a candle once I find a home for the liquid inside. I enjoyed getting to visit with her - it's amazing. You live so close to someone and rarely see them!

What was your favorite gift and memory?

Monday, December 24, 2007

More Christmas Eve

I had a whole happy blog planned out for when I got home tonight, but instead, this.
My grandfather passed away this evening.

Christmas Eve, and here we go again!

Alright folks, I did it again. I had another date. Whoo hoo, yay, blah, and all that. Actually, as far as first dates go, this one was actually enjoyable! We met up in Roanoke, since he lives down near Danville, and had dinner at Fork in the Alley. If y'all don't know where that is, well, you shouldn't! You'd hate it. Bad bad place. The s'more dessert is just awful. You believe me, right? :-) Anyway, after a yummy dinner, we saw "I am Legend" I do NOT do scary movies, and I think he got a kick out of laughing at me. Nice guy, easy to talk to, and, drum roll please, he actually CALLED the next day! What a concept. I think we're going to try to get together this weekend as well, and he mentioned going to Cattle Annie's for the David Allen Coe concert. Works for me!!!

I spent yesterday helping Karey cook and clean, getting ready for her shin-dig tonight. Then, we took off for Roanoke and the Olive Garden. Came back, and I crashed. Today I'm going to go do my grocery shopping for tomorrow's dinner, and tonight I'm going to Karey's. Anytime I get together with her clan it's good times. The Helmicks are coming to my house for dinner tomorrow. I've never tried to do the whole turkey thing, so that might get a bit interesting. What's Santa bringing you?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas lights?

Holy Christmas lights Batman! What do you think?

Friday, December 14, 2007


Whew! What a week! My sales were OUTRAGEOUS for December . . . for any week, really, so, THANK YOU to whatever karma is out there! And, I don't even feel beat to pieces like I normally do after a week like that. I'm supposed to go shopping tomorrow, but with the ice storm threatening, I don't know if that will happen or not! I kept my friends kids on Wed. night when I learned that I am NOT smarter than a 6th grader! That was some hard #$*() homework!!! Sheesh. But, got all the kids bathed, homework done, fed, and in bed and only 10 minutes late, so I felt like I had actually accomplished something!!!

My friend, Z, had a quote on her MySpace page. "Never allow someone else to be your priority while you allowing yourself to be their option". GOOD SCHTUFF! Far too long, and too many times, I have given and given of myself for someone who didn't want or appreciate it! I had a client tell me that most women come into their own in their 30's. It's when they say, hey, this is ME. You don't like it, your problem . . . not mind. We're more confident and self-assured. I'd have to say that was a pretty smart client!!!

I've got 2 presents ready now. Both of which I hope are just right for these people. My favorite, by far, is for Drew. I'm not going to post yet what it is, but I hope he *gets* it. I think it's humorous, anyway. Are you ready for the big day?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Got it together . . . for the next 10 minutes, anyway

Hi. Ever have those days where you just feel like, OK, I can do this? Today is one of those days. Got my house clean, the cards for the bank done, laundry is sud sing up right now. Even got part of my lights up outside so I look somewhat festive! I couldn't be the only one in the neighborhood without something going on! Got the bills paid and filed, so I'm broke again, but, hey, what else is new? Sales this week are off the charts, so that is very VERY good - a great entry into the "make Dave happy" game. Navy boy even called me last night. I'm not sure what I think of that. Part of me thinks that I really REALLY made a mistake . . . and then the other part of me says, "But there was a REASON". Yeah . . . what was that reason again? Anyway. It was REALLY good to hear from him, and to talk to him. He mentioned coming in this weekend, so maybe I'll even get to see him . . . maybe. They're calling for ice, etc. here, so that's NOT a fun thing. Snow, yes, feet of it, but not ice. Ugh. Don't even want to think about it! I'm going to go watch K's kids tomorrow night while she goes to a meeting. They are wonderful. If I could guarantee that mine would turn out like that . . . I could be persuaded to try the 2 legged version instead of the floppy eared 4 legged! :-) Anyway. It's about time to crash . . . I better do it!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Evening

Sunday night, and I'm home from my excursion. I SO needed the break. Got some shopping done, got to see my friends, and relax! Spent last night at Michelle and Henry's, and then got up this morning and joined her on a trail ride. Now, Msh is quite the horsewoman. She's good. REALLY good. I mean, jump 6' fences and gallop across mountains good. Then, there was me. TROT? Heck no! Slow that baby down to a walk. Still, it was awesome to be walking, on horseback, through the forest, across streams, and just enjoy the GORGOUS peaceful day. Quite a way to wrap up the weekend. I enjoyed being able to do something with Msh that is "her" thing, and to share in that. I've loved having more time with her. I definately have to make that happen more often. Anyway. Came home, put the house back together. Am currently working on laundry, so I'll have clean things to wear this week, but otherwise, I'm hurting in places I didn't realize I could hurt. The joys of working muscles that haven't been worked in YEARS!!! Gonna go soak and snooze.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

North Carolina

Good morning! I'm hanging out here at the Days Inn. It's Saturday, and I came down to NC with Michelle. She had training down this-a-way, and since I grew up about 20 minutes from here, I tagged along for the ride. Yesterday, I stopped in and saw Kathi, and then did a bit of riding around, just to see what had changed. I had lunch at Binion's with her (YUMMM!), and then went to put flowers on Brad's grave. It's the first time that I've been there by myself, and it was a needed trip. I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself, and all of a sudden, this gorgeous retriever came up to say hi! Beautiful, well-mannered dog. Just what I needed! Afterwards, I wandered over to say hi to Bobby. That put me about time to pick up Msh, so I headed back up Leicester Hwy and got her. We then went to dinner at this amazing place, called the Fiddlin' Pig. Live Bluegrass, and delicious BBQ! It was wonderful. We then dashed over to the other side of town where we got there, just in time, to see Enchanted. Total chick flick, but it had enough adult humor, etc., to make it HILARIOUS! It's been a long time since there was a movie I actually wanted to buy! I'd love to see it again. Then, back to the hotel room. Got up this morning, dropped off Msh, and am back here, just chilling out. I'm supposed to catch up with Bobby at some point today, and I need to run by the mall and do a bit of looking around. We'll head back to VA this evening, and I'll spend the night at Msh's. I think we're going to try to do a trail ride or something tomorrow. All in all, a great trip away from home. Thurs. was a bad day. Transmission problems with the Blazer, my dog gave me a fat lip, then I fell while walking her, busting up my knee and twisting my ankle. NOT my idea of a good day!! So, this trip was a wonderful excuse to get away and run away from my problems. Ever feel like that???

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snowy Wednesday

It's snowing! And I mean, REALLY snowing. Not accumulation like I got used to in Utah, but a good snow for Virginia. I get to go to a meeting for work this afternoon. Not that meetings are so exciting, but I feel like #$*() today. No, I'm NOT pregnant! Why is that the first thing everyone suspects? What about a plain old stomach virus? Sheesh. I think it might have something to do with all the sugar I had yesterday, too!!

I know I talk about how much I love being single. And I do! I love not answering to anybody. When I leave in the morning, if I leave a clean house, 99% of the time, it's clean when I come home. 1% is because I do have a puppy that likes to be mischievous every now and then. But still. HOWEVER. Here is my disclaimer to the whole single thing. Holiday time SUCKS. You know, all the dinners/events that are for you and "A significant other" I hate showing up by myself! I put on a happy face and pretend that it's all good, but it S U C K S. Big time. I think that compounds everything else, and if I let it get to me, it would REALLY get to me. So, on goes my happy face, and I'll pretend like it doesn't suck. Happy Holidays, and all that.