Friday, February 22, 2008


You know how you get all worked up and excited about something, and then pbbbbt. Nothing. Nada. That's how I feel. I read last night, "100% chance of winter-y precipitation". So, this morning, I got up, got in the shower, got out, no call from Dave. What the heck? Of COURSE with a 100% chance, we're going to go in late. I check, no messages. Wait . . . I better get a move on! Let Britney out, nothing. Not even a hint of moisture! And they cancelled school for this? I am SO disappointed!! On the other hand, I did run by Wal Mart this morning to return the slipcover that won't fit, and found the most delicious smelling candle, "Tangerine and Jasmine". Now, normally that combination doesn't SOUND appealing, but let me tell you . . . scrumtious! Slurp.

I cleaned house last night, and when I say clean, I mean, CLEAN. Like, down on my hands with a spray bottle and rag and cleaned the tile floor. I've been advised not to mop the floor as it tends to make the grout dark, so this is my solution. Ugh. But, it looks really good now. I can't tell you how much I love things neat and orderly. Yeah, there's some OCD going on there, but it's all good, I promise! I also have a strange obsession with smelly things - love candles and plug ins. Maybe it comes from growing up in a house where Dad was allergic to anything with a smell - I'm making up for last time. Also, I do have a dog, but that doesn't mean I want the house to smell like I have one.

I'm not quite sure how this happened, but it looks like there is nothing on my schedule this weekend. I know these days are numbered, but for now, I love knowing that I can do whatever I want, even if that means not doing anything. I still have a bunch of movies to catch up on watching, and there's always Britney time. Who knows - Maybe K. will have something fun to get into. She always has interesting projects . . .