Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tues that feels like Monday

Good evening! Ah, had a spectacular weekend doing just about nothing, and I needed it! Saturday I did laundry and cleaned some, but then took the afternoon off and got my toes done with K. and L. L. picked out my polish, and for a 5 year old, she's got GREAT taste! A nice, bright pink without being too girl-y. Watched a couple of movies, and called it a night. Sunday I spent out watching Co. 11 and Co. 2 burn the house that we tried to do last week. This week was a marginally better success (pics at MySpace) I even got to slide in with a couple of them and take pics/vid of the fire - not a big deal for the seasoned guys, but it was exciting for me. Hey, come on. Haven't you figured out yet that it doesn't take much? Anyway, Monday I got up and took Britney to Bedford to pick up her meds. Found out that she is a solid 80.1 lbs of good lovin'. And, that's GREAT news. The vet had wanted her about 80 lbs, so that's about as close as I can get!!! She's still struggling on that back leg, but I'm still thinking she hasn't torn it completely. Worked today, and let me tell you. It's almost not worth being off on Monday's, because all the problems seem to be worse on the following Tuesday! Mostly because people don't seem to remember that it was a Federal Holiday. That, and "business" day seems to confuse people. Came home tonight to find out that somehow, my trash can got squooshed, but that was made better by the flowers left on my doorstep! And, these are some of the best kind, cause it's a potted plant! Now, the trick will be to see if I can keep from killing it! Any suggestions?