Sunday, February 10, 2008

Windy Sunday

Good afternoon! I just got home from playing with the Fire Department. They had a house that they were going to burn down, and I went to take photos. However, with the wind kicking like it is today, they decided that it wasn't safe and called it off. Too bad, but the right call to make! This week has been SLOW and uneventful! Annette and I did drop by the Drag Strip's banquet last night for a little bit. It was wonderful to see S. and her young'uns! They are getting SO big. Dinner wasn't bad, either. :-) Was on call last night, and fortunately, wasn't out all night. However, I just couldn't sleep. I'm a pretty vivid dreamer, and even though I would wake myself up, when I'd fall back asleep, I'd pick right back up again. Very frustrating!!! And, it wasn't even one of those **good** dreams, either! The worst part is not knowing if what I was dreaming about is what I WANT to have happen or what I'm AFRAID will happen. Sheesh.
Couple of people have asked, so let me just clear it up. No, I am NOT seeing Eric. The whole thing just kind of fizzled. Living 2 hours away from someone will do that. I just don't see myself doing a distance dating scenario. Heck, I can barely find time in my schedule now to just do dinner in Lexington! Now, don't get me wrong, for the right guy I could make all kinds of time, but for right now, it's all good. Guess that's it for now - I got my house cleaned yesterday so that means today is for laundry. Fun, and schtuff . . . .