Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Journal Entry #2

Last night we were called out for a MVC. I hop into Squad 32 with Mike driving, and off we go. Wait . . . let me back up. As I was clammoring into my turn out gear, my jeans got pulled up into the leg of the coveralls. Adam was running past, so I grabbed him and asked, "Hey, pull my pants down." Dur. Open mouth, insert foot. Anyway, we got on scene of what was supposed to be a tractor trailer wreck, and it's a regular ole' car. Ok, fine and dandy, but they had this dog with them. Now, I have a REALLY soft spot for animals, and I couldn't STAND to see him there looking so pitiful! I know Mike's going to give me a hard time, but I just had to at least cover his crate up so he could stay a little warm! Don't know if it did the puppy a bit of good, but at least it made me feel better to try!

It's a gray, drizzly day here, so I'm finding something to do. Why not another journal entry?

"Have you had a driving ticket? What did you do?"

I've had a few, but there's only onesthat really stands out. The first was when I was first at SVU. Now, I didn't have a car, so I hadn't driven in B.V. yet. Msh asked me to run down and drop some movies off. Off I went, and on the way back, I got pulled over. Now, I know that in most towns, the speed limit is 35, so I was at about 37. NOWHERE between the school and MovieStarz, is a limit posted. Oh, it's 25 MPH, by the way. So, I go to court. I ask the judge if I could plead "No Lo Contendre" or however it is you spell that. "Yes, if you can tell me what it means". Uhhh, I think it means that I'm not saying I did it, but I'm not saying I didn't do it either. He agreed, and let me off with just paying court costs.

The other time, driving the same car, but this time, Michelle was with me. We were on our way back from Lexington, and it was a GORGEOUS spring day. You know, the kind where it's finally warm enough to have the windows down, the music was up, lots of sunshine, and you don't have a care in the world? Those days are amazing. I FLEW past the State Trooper. About 75 in a 55. He didn't even have to hit the blue lights, I pulled over! As he came up, I was laughing and handing him documents. "Yup, I was speeding." He got such a kick out of everything he let me go! Ahh, Tazz. He was such a good car. Many happy memories involved there. "Don't hit the garage door!" "Really, I can drive" "Oh, we gotta go, NOW!"